Dearest Universe…

15 Oct

As long as you still live, there’s no such words as ‘too late’. As long as you can slot in that idea into your packed maze of grey-cells, it’s not ‘too big’.
So here I am, with no hidden agenda, without even know why the heaven I should embarrassed myself by writing it here, but well, sheepishly present…my next big (err.. Even BIGGEST EVER I guess) uber-ambitious dream.

It’s faaaar beyond the stars,, yet it’s actually close.
As close as Menara Thamrin 8th Floor.. =)

So Dearest Universe, go makes me work so we can work to work it out.. =)
For what is worth it worth all the while, wait, fight, pain, whatever! Come what may, promise I won’t complain.
*shake hand*


PS: Still everything comes back to You, The Top Banana of The Universe.. (Hey I love this idiom.. Hehe)
Bila permintaan saya terlalu tinggi, ajarkan saya rendah hati..

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