If you just realize what I just realized..

25 May

Everyone that you know and that you think you have in your life today, will be gone one day.
Maybe not tomorrow and maybe not next year. It might happen without you noticing.

But all those people, that you think will be there or that you think you can always come back to, they’ll be gone. I don’t think enough people realize this.
People try to predict the future to some extent, try to shape it and mold it, trying to control some aspect to better fit the way their lives are at the moment — as if they even have the ability — and they put people off. They say “no”, “not now”, or “the time isn’t right”.
They deny themselves and they pass up opportunities, thinking the person will still be there later on.

Well, maybe you’ll get lucky and they will be. But chances are they won’t.
All you have and all you have control over is right now and the only people you have in your life are the ones you have right now.
So you can plan all you want. But once you realize that everyone you know will one day be gone, you’ll do things differently.
That, or you’ll wake up one day wishing you had, but it’ll be too damn late..

Thanks dear Aly.. =’)

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