Time Traveler Self

15 May

Ingin berpetualang diantara waktu..
Dan kembali ke 8 tahun lalu,,
Bertemu dengan Ambar usia 18 tahun,,
Untuk memeluknya dan berbagi sedikit rahasia:
‘it’s alright little girl! It’s something that you should fight for! And yes! You’re strong enough to get through it’
‘There would be a lot of bumpy roads ahead, but it all would be so worth it’ =)
‘Not so long time later, you’ll meet people that will help you through the worse, stick with them forever!”

Kemudian kembali ke masa sekarang,,
Berharap, somehow somewhere, Ambar usia 34 tahun memikirkan hal yang sama,
Kembali ke 8 tahun lalu,,
Untuk memeluk dan mengatakan,
“Hey, tears are no longer a ‘trendy’ facial wash in my Era! Go, be a trend-setter and start it now!”
“Chin up! Lips curve down! Lil’ self, everything’s gonna be just fine..’ =)


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Posted by on May 15, 2011 in Daily A to Z


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