An Open Letter to God

09 May

Dear God,
Would You please send me an ordinary man with extra ordinary heart for me to love? Well, You might laugh at it, but I believe You’re a good God.
You know that I’m NOT (yet) in a that desperation, but more because I really need that one particular man to be out of my system, God. I really do! And it always easier to move on to instead of from. I’ve no idea why he always goes and backs to my daily thoughts. Any idea, God?
So if he just showed up again like that, and (/or) even though it’s just in my mind, what does it mean? I told you God, I’m tired of fighting for a spot on his life! I shouldn’t do that anymore, I even shouldn’t have done that before.
Yeah, right. How I wish You were on web & read my blog, give a comment maybe, a line or two that I could easily understand.. Yet You’re omnipotent, so You read my mind anyway, and I still have to learn a lot on how to read yours and get the answer I seek =))
Don’t know why, this time I just feel the need to write down my mind in an open letter to You, I’ll move it to private soon though.
Thank You in advance,
And sorry for coming this late..

PS: may I ask you another favor? Could you please give this message below to that particular man, since I have no idea how to deliver it by myself.
Thanks again.. *hug* *really, if it possible, I wanna hug You*

Dear you..
What the heck you made of?? Glue? You stick on my mind so tight!
Well, no matter how hard I’ve tried, so far my attempts to kick you out of here were failed -___-“. So would you mind leave my mind for good, in peace, please? Or else, if your existence were just the will of my sub-conscious, I’ve asked God to drag you away.
Please cooperate.
Thank you..


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One response to “An Open Letter to God

  1. Nia

    September 5, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Meski bukan balasan dariku yg kau harapkan (ciyeee),,, tapi tetep semangat untuk “berjalan” ya mbar,,, nanti makin jauh akan makin lupa πŸ™‚


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